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Naghat 1/3/2014 3:09 AM
Naghat 12/24/2013 6:43 PM
Naghat 12/20/2013 4:28 PM
well hope to see you soon ho ho ho
MiniWoOkiEE 12/17/2013 2:28 AM
AND!!!! a guy at work took me seriously when I jokingly said buy me Pandaria digital deluxe edition
MiniWoOkiEE 12/17/2013 2:27 AM
WoOkiEE is coming back, but needs to wait for cheque to clear
Naghat 12/16/2013 9:18 PM
thought wookie was comming back
MiniWoOkiEE 12/16/2013 9:14 AM
Sniff, no one loves the wookiee no more..
Naghat 12/12/2013 12:56 PM
yoh yoh yoh
MiniWoOkiEE 12/9/2013 2:13 AM
Naghat 12/9/2013 2:01 AM
Naghat 12/9/2013 2:01 AM
whooop nightshif over
MiniWoOkiEE 12/5/2013 7:35 AM
where gone?
Naghat 12/5/2013 7:11 AM
still clean
MiniWoOkiEE 12/5/2013 2:54 AM
mornin, hope kitchen is still clean?
Naghat 12/4/2013 7:03 AM
Just clean the kitchen, looks so clean that i dont wanna use irt anymore :P
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